Dark Grimoire

Dark Grimoire is a vast, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game filled with hideous evil, amazing adventures and magnificent treasures.

Unlike any other MMORPG, players battle through hordes of darkness bent on destruction as the world changes in direct response to their actions. If a character lives or dies, a whole city survives or even if a fallen diety is redeemed, players themselves write the story which is both ongoing and organic.

We're currently working to deliver a refreshed interface and build new mobile, tablet and desktop user interfaces to enhance gameplay experience.


Complete admin and e-commerce system for your business and athletes

Prymal is a complete Athelete Performance Management system that integrates crossfit and business activities.

The system manages processes critical to the everyday running of a Crossfit studio including Athlete registrations and subscription renewals, workout creation and session times, activity tracking and performance monitoring, in-house online stores, and additional individual programs such as nutrition and mobility.

ReaDY 1:1

ReaDY is a rich and informative 1:1 toolkit for principals, educators and technical professionals working in schools.

Packed with essential questions, frameworks and ideas to help you ignite a truly successful 1:1 experience, ReaDY lets schools choose their own path of exploration via three key areas of Leadership, Learning and Technical.